August 16, 2013

A Super Special Visit

A couple of months ago Jimad from Zealana sent me an exciting email. It bascially went along the lines of 'We're bringing the Vogue Knittng Editor-in-Chief to NZ, can we bring her to visit the shop?'

um, YES!

So on Monday I had the great and wonderful honour of meeting Trisha Malcolm, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Knitting. With her was Sanae Gunji, who won Zealana's design competition held at Vogue Knitting Live in November last year. 

Being in New Zealand it's tricky being so far from the major knitting events and yarn producers in the States. Jumping on a plane to visit a trade show isn't something we can do without a big financial commitment. The chance to meet Trisha in person, have her in the shop and talk yarn business was such an amazing opportunity. 


I don't have any pictures yet, but the story of how much American knitters love Zealana yarn, and Trisha's visit, has been all over the news this week. Here's the story on and a great interview from TVNZ


So why has it taken me so long to post about Trisha's visit?

This week has been all about preparing for Knit August Nights in Napier next weekend, 22 - 24 August. I've been dyeing yarn like crazy and am super excited for this, our biggest event all year. If you're in or near Napier, the market is open to the public on Sunday 24 August from 9.30am - 12pm. 


A corner of our stall last year, photo by Maree Buscke


Also this week we had Lights Up Knitting Session the third. The Way Way Back was our movie, and a fantastic one at that. Not too heavy, but some interesting themes in a coming of age film. Also: Sam Rockwell. Swoon. And Alison Janney, one of my all time favourite actors. 


Just two of the three Dear Colleen 'Purl Problems' tote bags that turned up on Monday night.


I have about million zillion other things to talk about, such as our Unwind Shawl knit along, and brand new Knitsch Sock colours, and the One Small Piece knit in at the Dowse this coming Sunday. Promise to be more chatty and post a bit more again soon. Once the mayhem subsides :)


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April 11, 2013

Lights Up Knitting Session: 22 April

For quite some time now we've been hoping some clever clogs will be organised enough to start up a knitting movie session. And by jove, it's happened! 

We're super excited that the Embassy will be hosting the inaugural Lights Up Knitting session on Monday 22 April. Tickets go on sale today!! (Thursday, 11 April).  

Also super exciting for us - we're co-ordinating the goodie bags! There are some pretty great treats lined up already, but if we told you...

Buy a ticket, come along for a drink and some very like-minded company, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Perks is getting rave reviews, and our knitter on the ground, Jessie, admitted to me that she saw it 3 times in one weekend because she loved it so much. Starring our favourite Emma Watson looking cute as a (grown up) button, and ohmygosh Paul Rudd! Mmm. Paul Rudd. Right, enough gushing. It's about growing up. 

Knitting at the movies is quite different to knitting at home watching a movie from the couch. You'll be paying more attention to the movie than your hands, i'm guessing. Especially when Paul Rudd is on the screen. So here's our run down of perfect Lights Up Knitting session projects to cast on and bring along.

A super simple sock: we like the 'Just Yer Basic Sock' pattern. Top down socks are a great idea - cast on, get past the ribbing stage, then knit knit knit in the round for the whole movie.

Dare I suggest, a sweater with loads of stocking stitch would be just the ticket. 

Beach Street Park, the new offering by Kristen Kapur is knit from the bottom up, with lots of perfect movie-watching-friendly stocking stitch.

Blank Canvas, gorgeous simplicity from Ysolda Teague. Lots of stocking stitch again, but you will need to pack it with stitch markers so your fingers know when to work the decreases. Shouldn't be much of a Lights Up problem, though. 

Or, if you want to knit something cute and wee, Thom with a TH by Jenny Wiebe is an option. Or maybe the body of a Vertebrae?

Here I was thinking I may just knit the Mr some socks, but Beach Street Park really has caught my eye. 

Anyway! The detalis again:

Lights Up Knitting Session


Monday April 22

Tickets on sale April 11

I'll be hanging out in the Black Sparrow (that bar under the Embassy) from 5pm, so if you want to come by straight after work, or make the most of an evening out, you're more than welcome to join me for a pre-movie knit.


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