September 16, 2013

Pretty Shop Pics

The fun part of all this new stock arriving is the chance to move things around and make everything sit together nicely. I really enjoy being in the shop when things look a little different, and it usually leads to me happily snapping photos of my favourite little corners. 

I'm in love with our fibre ladder! We had more Ashford Corriedale sliver arrive this week, and i've even been organised enough to get it loaded up online

Fibre ladder + new shelving full of Malabrigo (although it's not quite so full after a very busy weekend!)

I couldn't help but take photos as orders were packed up over the last few days. You, my wonderful supportive customers, have truly excellent taste in yarn. If you look carefully in the pic above, you'll see the messy pile of Zealana Rimu toppling over itself on the shelf. I finally gave up on trying to get it to behave and now it's playing much more nicely sitting in a suitcase. 

Zealana are slowly introducing a new style of ball & label (the lower half of the pic) which looks gorgeous but my oh my it is a pain to get to sit on a shelf. Doesn't make it any less amazing to work with, of course!

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. It was certainly a great time to be in the shop, sharing the love of gorgeous yarn. xx

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August 05, 2013

Vintage love: Bridget

All too often on the blog i'm exclaiming about the yarns we stock from all around the world. One local yarn may be a humble price in comparison to the others, but we are having a love affair with it. Who better to talk about this adoration than you, our lovely customers? 

Vintage DK is entirely processed right here in NZ, and we're lucky to be one of very few stores to have it on the shelves. This yarn is so popular in-store that we don't sell it online, however we are most happy to take email orders.

In the first of a series this week, here's Bridget talking about her introduction to this most beautiful of yarns.


A new knitter with instructions in hand visited HRYC to pick up some yarn to learn with. As she got distracted by all the yarn, Tash steered her towards a yarn called Vintage, cute colours, good price, this beginner knitter was sold! 



A couple of scarves later this not-so-beginner knitter graduated to a baby cardigan, with the added pressure of gifting the cardi. For this the knitter turned again to Vintage.  A great unisex suitable colour, not splitty, blocks great, feels nice in the hand and isn't slippy. And the end result is a gift-able cardigan! A knitter rejoices! 




The knitter then revisited her first yarn hobby and took Sofia's amigurumi class, with more Vintage. With a nice full look, great colours and a good feeling on my crochet hook, mint slice ninja bunny was born.



But all of these are small projects, and this knitter/crocheter needed something a bit more... Epic. And so the ripple blanket was planned.  In vintage of course, and the crochet blankets group provided the committee decision on colours and I was away! 



With the progress on this crocheters blanket moving along, I'm even more in love with vintage! 


So is there anything vintage can't do? A times it can be difficult to get some colours, which is frustrating but not the end of the world.  


All in all, this knitter sees a lot more vintage in her future.

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