September 13, 2013

Hey ho Malabrigo!!

Possibly the most exciting time is when an order of Malabrigo lands. This week was no exception - two giant sacks of gorgeous squishiness arrived on Wednesday and it was certainly a squee-worthy event. 

The arrival also dictated the need for new shelving. We have so much stock at the moment that no amount of rearranging was going to make it fit on our existing shelves. A terrible dilemma, isn't it? 'Oh dear we have so much yarn we have to buy more shelving. What a terrible terrible thing to have happen.'

Malabrigo Rios in Niebla, Sunset and Ravelry Red

More Malabrigo Rios in Azules, Bobby Blue and Playa

Now we didn't just get Rios in this order, oh no. There's stacks and stacks of Malabrigo Sock, and even more Silky Merino. Between those three I went waaaaay above my buying budget, and so there wasn't any room left for Lace or Silkpaca Lace. The good news there is we'll be doing ANOTHER order next week - hooray! If there's a colour we didn't get in this time and you're absolutely desperate to have it, just let us know. Malabrigo takes about three months to arrive and every day of that wait is absolutely worth it. 

Want more pictures? Sure! How about some dodgy ones taken at 9pm on Wednesday night?

Mmmmm Malabrigo sock....

And you'll have to make do with this pic of the Silky's one of those yarns that takes awhile to puff back up to smooshy size once it's been pulled out of the bag. It's only really photo-worthy once it's had a week or so of breathing on the shelf. 

I'm going to spend my Friday finishing off a couple of projects and hunting out a pattern worthy of knitting up in Malabrigo. And, of course, packing up all the orders that are coming through quick and fast for this amazing yarn. We're getting low on a few colours in all ranges already...

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