September 18, 2014

Shop sample: Anders sweater

Another new series of blog posts! Hooray! A wee chat about shop samples, what we made them from and where you can find the pattern.

Anders in Road to China Light

I actually knit this up way back in March, but as usually happens, it's been in want of buttons ever since. What is it with buttons that are such a stumbling block on the way to finishing? They always, always get me. Anyway, it now has buttons, and is about the most adorable jersey ever. 

 Anders by Soren Kerr, knit in Road to China Light 


The only reason I knit this was because I needed an excuse to knit with Road to China Light, and I'm a bit over knitting hats and scarves for shop samples. It is a luxury yarn and I made the yarn choice not expecting anyone else to follow suit. Alpaca, silk, cashmere and camel makes for an amazing fabric but perhaps not the best idea for a toddler. Having said that, after all the work put into making it, this would come under heirloom knitting for sure. 


There is about zero surprise in the colours I went for, either. Topaz and Grey Pearl. 


Anders is a really simple pattern and great for trying our fair isle knitting if you haven't had a go yet. If you don't want to commit to a high end yarn, something like Cascade 220 Superwash Sport would be absolutely perfect for this project. 



Pattern: Anders by Soren Kerr

Size made: 12-18 months

Needle size: 3.75mm and 4mm

Yarn: Road to China Light in Grey Pearl (2 skeins) and Topaz (half a skein)

Shop sample: in Grand Arcade, Willis St

We can sell you this pattern in-store as a pdf, if you fancy it.  

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