September 16, 2014

Yarn Review: Spud & Chloe

A long time in the planning, this is the first in a new series of blog posts from us. Regular blog posts! Hooray! We stock a number of unusual and interesting yarns, and we know it can be a bit tricky to figure out how they might behave. Starting now, we'll be posting regular yarn reviews. This one is done on my lonesome, but we'll have the immensely passionate Shelley on board for a second opinion for future posts. 


First up: Spud & Chloe Outer


 Yarn details:

65% superwash wool / 35% organic cotton

100g / 55m

2 - 3 stitches per inch on 8 - 10mm needles (I used 12mm)

Outer sits on the shelf alongside our other super bulky yarns, Lana Grande by Cascade and Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky. While those two are super warm, Outer has the advantage of 35% organic cotton. The cotton gives it a surprising lightness despite the chunky weight. I was surprised to find wearing the Leftovers Cowl (made with Spud & Chloe Sweater, and a similar fibre mix) that it wasn't overly warm even on a 20 degree day, and while I haven't worn the Outer, I imagine it'll be about the same. The cotton balances out the wool and adds an extra element of managing temperature. 


Constructed as a 2 fold yarn, that is 2 singles twisted together, Outer has a glorious ropiness that I absolutely adore. It is bouncy as a trampoline, and comes in beautiful clear colours that Spud & Chloe are so great at producing. 



Being a super bulky yarn, it does have that awkwardness to knit - big needles (I used 12mm) and chunky stitches do mean a bit of extra wrangling, but it grows so quickly I was able to work through an entire 100g skein in a couple of hours.The loose twist means little bits of fluff escape as I go, attaching itself to the knit fabric rather than my clothes. I expect it will probably continue to lose more fluff for a little longer until all the short bits have worked their way out. 

I haven't finished knitting yet - it seems to have decided to be a baby blanket for the shop, mostly because I cast on during Knit August Nights and my brain couldn't cope with anything that required more thinking. It'll be interesting to see how it washes and wears, but should make for a really great gift - warm enough for winter, cool enough for summer but super quick to knit up and machine washable. 

I'll update this post when i've actually finished and have an FO to share!



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